The main objective for the Youth & Young Adult is to be well rooted in the ministry of our Lord and Master Jesus Christ. Due to this, every program designed for them is a Christian based with the focus on a life style that will generate a pleasant Christian adult life. It is our expectation that the youth and young adult deviate from the attractions of unhealthy and unpleasant life style that leads to negative life unexpectations. If the Youth and young adult live their lives on the basis of biblical principles, purified legacy and possible possitive mentorship will be laid in wait for the upcoming children and the future will remain bright in their lives. At the same time their lives will define the purpose of Jesus' ministry.

Recognizing that youth and young adults play a vital role in the life of the Church, the Department of Youth and Young Adult works to train and divert the focus to ministry of Jesus Christ. In collaboration with parents, the entire leadership of Royal Assembly seeks to train, build and develop talents and skill set that could lead youth & young adults into leadership in order to become responsible and dedicated  to their ministries and family as a whole. Those that are talented in leading a congregation as well as taken a position in the musical/worship field are guided and encouraged to use the available platform in the church to build up in order to increase in the various aspects of their ministry. Others with minimal skill set in various areas in a ministry are given the opportunity to learn through their leaders, workshops, and other Christian educative programs in the church.

With the support of the Royal Assembly leadership, the various departmental heads, executives and  members are encouraged to help train and pave way for the youth through the utilization of available materials, and platforms.